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The Exercise Coach: Nutrition Playbook -

We all want to be healthy, energetic, and physically fit. But many of us don’t understand the role of proper nutrition in achieving these goals. Fortunately, readers can turn to The Exercise Coach® for help with making wiser food decisions.

According to author Gerianne Cygan, three troublemakers are responsible for a variety of the challenges to wellness many face: systemic inflammation (which contributes to most major illnesses, weight gain, and fatigue), high blood sugar, and poor digestive health.

Cygan identifies the foods most likely to cause these difficulties: sugar, starchy foods, dairy products, legumes and soy, artificial additives, processed foods, and alcoholic beverages. She then discusses how to make delicious, whole-food substitutions that replace these unhealthy choices. She also includes a resource section with recipes, meal planning guides, food journals, and links to an abundance of healthy living books, articles, and websites.

The Exercise Coach® Nutrition Playbook is not designed to provide a specific diet to be followed down to the last calorie. Instead, it helps you build a foundation of nutritional knowledge that you can use independently to make better choices. It also includes a thirty-day sample menu and step-by-step guide for those wishing to try The 30 Day Metabolic Comeback™ Challenge. With just a few basic changes and a balanced approach, you can feel better, look younger, and lose weight—without investing in any special products.

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